Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hot Mess - The Trailer

The last two days have been a blur of putting the boat back together and more significantly, getting the trailer road worthy.  I decided that getting the boat out for a sail was the main goal for the weekend even though I haven't put final paint on the bottom yet, so getting the trailer going was key to making it happen.

I won't go too deep into the trailer saga because frankly, it is just boring stuff, but in a nutshell it went down like this:
1. Trailer was a mess, but bearings seem good.  Looked like someone had backed it into a cement wall.  The tongue was bent and there were numerous cracks.  Trailer was super lightweight to begin with.  Decided to try a local welder, he welded all the cracks and replaced tongue and deemed it 'mostly safe' for $50.  Money well spent.
2. Using the template publish on I had a full scale copied at Staples and using a 2x12" pressure treated board, I traced and cut out new bunk
3. Installed new bunk with combination of 3/8" galvanized bolts and lags so boat would ride on it at recommended 48" from stern and re positioned roller so boat would ride 40" from bow.
4. Rewired trailer with $25 trailer kit from Home Depot.  Easy, but annoying.

Too many hours later, it is finished and ready to go.

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